Velvet Folly

Pin up model with a love for the darker things in life.

scarlett-dahlin: You are so beautiful! :) Love your blog. X

Thank you, you sweet heart!

I don’t post enough! I’m sorry, so here’s my face :)
I post way more on my Instagram, I am HellcatLomax

So I bought some Mastodon merch. Asstodon booty shorts. I never want to take them off!

I bought myself a present :D
Yesterday I was in a pinup competition at the Tattoo and Body Art Expo and I got to meet the beautiful Sabina Kelly :D ❤️

I revamped my strapless bra ;)
Here’s some more pinup cuteness from Aliza Jane Photography!
Today was Soundwave. And it fucking delivered.
So here’s a more pinup-esque photoshoot I did with my aunt Jane/Aliza Jane Photography. I hope you can handle my cuteness ;D
bloodybrat: you are like this dark angel, goddess, witchy, baby doll. wow💖

That is definitely how I’d like to be remembered. You win a compliments, you babe ;D

just-bitchcraft: You're beautiful :') Have a lovely day.

:’D thank you! You’re the best, I hope you have a lovely day also!

More gothic sass from my Lauren Horwood Photography set
horny-unicorn-doll: Where do you get the lovly lingerie? :)

Are you referring to the bra I’m wearing in one of my photos?
It’s from Dita Von Teese’s Von Follies lingerie line :)

Lots of boob in this shoot ;)With Lauren Horwood Photography
More sass and Vampira inspired imagery from my shoot with Lauren Horwood Photography
iwontbethewastedpotential: You are perfection, honestly.

Oh thank you sweetness! But I’m far from it